Following my research semester in Jerusalem in 2023, I taught the fundamentals of AI image generation using Stable Diffusion to support the Architect-Maker 2023 project by Barak Pelman from the Institute of Architecture at the Bezalel Academy of Arts. The course employed the DesignBuild model, which integrates design and construction activities into a cohesive process. This approach facilitates an in-depth exploration of spatial, material, and technological concepts, systemic design thinking, and a comprehensive understanding of the architectural object created. The studio's challenge was to design and construct a pavilion of approximately 20 sqm, beginning with the development of a spatial concept and a construction method, and culminating in the production of full-scale prototypes and the erection of the final structure. Our studio practice utilized hybrid techniques, blending traditional, industrial, and digital methods, including algorithmic modeling (e.g., Rhino-Grasshopper) and digital material processing.
In addition to creating smaller prototypes and exploring various design methodologies where AI-assisted design was pivotal, we also toured the YTONG factory in Pardes Hanna to gain insights into the manufacturing and processing of building materials.
This teaching project not only provided me with a wealth of new experiences regarding education in an international context but also deepened my understanding of architectural processes and materials.

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