For the Earth Over Shoot Day 2021 I was approached by Germanwatch e.V. for an animation for a Social Media Campaign.

Following a collaborative brainstorming session, the team, with contributions from various participants, decided on a unique concept for the Global Overshoot Day campaign. The selected design portrays Earth as a ball of yarn being unwound, symbolizing the depletion of natural resources. The narrative accompanying the GIF transitions from highlighting the problem ("Our Earth is unwinding/We've lost the thread...") to offering a solution ("Resource conservation is a hands-on task"), effectively communicating the campaign's message.
The drafts and storyboard was done with Procreate, while using the animation feature for the animatic, but the final animation was done via Adobe After Effects and rendered as a GIF and MPG4 for various media purposes.
We also utilized a Miro board for organizing the brainstorming process, where the development of the concept and the final design sketch were accessible to all members, ensuring transparency and collective input. Additionally, the board featured a dedicated space for generating and refining ideas for tweets, encouraging participants to tailor the content for their respective organizations while considering the adoption of 2-3 unified hashtags to maximize impact.

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