Together with Siegwerk I created an educational video for their long term strategy of sustainability and strategic setup. 
The goal was to re-engage the company's employees, who had been bombarded with myriad information, and help them grasp the "big picture." The visual narrative was designed to unfold through sketches drawn in real-time, accompanied by a voiceover to enhance understanding inform their workforce on strategic orientation and corporate programs. 
The process began with the conception phase, where we meticulously reviewed the materials and sketches. With the storyboard and text for the voiceover provided by the client it was possible to create an animatic to outline the animation's flow for a duration of approximately 4 minutes and 30 seconds. 
As Sound editing was another vital component of the project, encompassing voice over recording, sound mixing, music research, and adjustment. This phase was instrumental in adding an auditory layer to the visual storytelling, nurtured by my expertise in audio production and as a speaker at my time from working at Radio Q e.V.
The project was very dear to me, because it not only built upon my expertise from older works but also pushed me into learning the 3D software Blender from scratch, a goal I had in mind for a longer period. 

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