15 Years Radio Q 2017
Radio Q is a campus radio in Münster. For its 18th anniversary I created the artwork with posters, flyers and entrance tickets. 
I used the corporate colors and a handcrafted look to underline the intense volunteer work behind the scenes of the radio.

Wonderlandfestival 2018 and 2019
The Wonderland Festival in Stemwede is located in the middle of the forest, between trees and mushrooms, caterpillars and centipedes. In addition to many artists, yogis and shamans, all genres of psychedelic music can be heard, and spacious meadows and fields invite you to camp on the edge of the forest.
Not approved Design
Not approved Design

Hai in den Mai 2019
The Hai in den Mai Festival is an open air psytrance festival. Around a small lake and forest there are organic markets, healing areas, fireplaces and several electric and psytrance floors to catch the first rays of sunshine and dance out of the winter sleep in the fresh forest air.

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