The BNE and SdZ Coesfeld proposed me an interesting project: To aligned the schools of the region with the main themes of the Agenda 2030 small illustrations and Waldo-style illustrations were created by the students of all ages of the schools within the SdZ community. I was asked to put these illustrations together in a big coherent illustration. 
Similar to the image I created for the BNE Münster, we started with a kickoff meeting on Zoom and worked with Miro to share thoughts and work on the layout. A summary of thoughts on the illustrational concept was provided, highlighting the intention to create an accompanying explanatory brochure in collaboration with local schools. Key ideas for the Wimmelbild design were shared, including its size and orientation as DIN A2 vertical, with the possibility of a postcard version. The outline of the District of Coesfeld was to be subtly integrated into the image without the inclusion of municipal boundaries. The phrase "District of Coesfeld" would be featured centrally, enhanced by a drawn magnifying glass, alongside other phrases like "Living sustainably together" and "School" depicted on a drawn school building. The actions within the image were to be categorized according to the five Ps: People, Planet, Prosperity, Poverty, Partnership, with icons representing the 17 goals also included. 
From these collaborative efforts, initial drafts and sketches were produced, with ongoing reviews conducted on the Miro board. This iterative process facilitated an efficient workflow and real-time feedback, leading to the refinement and finalization of the illustration. I reused the broader layout and some elements of the illustration I did for the BNE Münster while maintaining a unique charm, which was achieved thanks to the contribution of the students' individual illustrations.

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