human is the first magazine to take a holistic look at the impact of artificial intelligence on the economy, politics, society and culture, focusing on people - their personalities and skills.
I was allowed to illustrate the first issue of the magazine "Human", which deals with AI and being human. The articles dealt with the education system of the future and whether (and how) AI can be creative. 
AI had already played a role in a number of assignments to this point, but so far it has only ever played the role of a facilitator. This assignment was the first in which the entire illustration was created in AI. Working with Stable Diffusion as a design tool is a completely different approach, as the idea and development are much closer together in terms of time. I work directly on the finished image, so to speak. Another difference lies in the quality. Since the image has to be scaled up to print quality, the pure AI output still requires "upscaling", which can result in additional new details that may not have been planned beforehand.
But the customer expressly wanted it to still look "like" AI, which is why I refrained from post-processing the faces and hands (the latter in particular are the AI's archery verses). 
I worked with two fine-tuned models (so-called "LoRAs"), one with the aesthetics of magazines from the 1950s and the other with the felt-tip pen aesthetics of a child.

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